środa, 30 listopada 2011

few thoughts the day after...

After yesterday show we have to admit that we both were touched.
A little bit out of today fashion trends, Robert Kupisz presented collection Winter 2012, while all the other designers were showing Spring/Summer 2012. But to be honest, it much more appealed to our tastes then majority of what we have seen these season in Poland.
From the very beginning the special, melancholic ambience was created by performence by Anna Maria Jopek who, with jazz background, sung old polish songs related to the period of uprisings and fight for independence. The whole collection was also strongly directed to the millitary style. Great diversity of textiles made the cover cutting more adaptable to contemporary reality. We completely loved coats!! Either short, hooded with lamb wool inside or longer sheepskin jackets. Subdued colors, mainly grays, navy blue, browns and black, together with free, sometimes almost incidental forms resulted with outfits which may be worn by variety of people, for any kinds of occasions. 
The aspect which still makes me confused is the martyrological oneI'm thinking if the white eagle emblem - the symbol of Poland, and  these pompous songs were compatibile with general young, happy attitude of collection and the fashion show.. 
Was it realy necessary to move our emotions?? I don't know but for sure the general perception was coool:)

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